Weladee: Inform your manager you will be late at work


Missed the train, will be late at work

Be late at work should be avoided by any means. But sometimes, you just can't be on time because you missed the bus, the train, you forgot to wake up, there is unusual traffic, ....

So it's important you inform your manager, he may have to adapt the planning or do some arrangement because of your lateness.

When your company use Weladee, as soon you know you are going to arrive late, just let your company know.

Go to Weladee bot and just type:

- Sorry, I will be late at work today

- I will arrive late at office today

- stuck in traffic

- I got car accident will be late

- i missed the bus, I will be late

- ...

Tell the bot "I will be late today"

Your manager and HR department are informed on Telegram and notification on their mobile phone.

Manager is informed an employee is coming late

HR Department gets a notification

Video Telegram Weladee inform late at work

Weladee is your HRMS solution

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