Connect Weladee to Line Notify from Mobile

Weladee informs you with Line Notify

Weladee allows you to receive notification directly on Line. It's always a smart choice to choose Telegram that is much better than Line. But if you decide to use Line, then here is the process:

Click on "Connect to Line"

Inform you will have to fill your LINE user/email and password

Fill email & password of Line Account

List of following steps

Click on button "Generate token"

Select "1-on-1 chat with LINE Notifty"

Click "Generate token"

Click on "Copy"

The process is done

Go to shortcuts to test it (swipe right to left on Home screen) and click on "Line Notify"

You see a welcome message from Line

Now you will receive notification from Weladee on Line Notify. It's a one way channel, you can receive message, Weladee can't receive your replies.