Weladee's Background Location Tracking Feature


Enhancing Employee Safety and Efficiency with Weladee's Background Location Tracking Feature

Do you have employees that work in the field, such as couriers, salespeople, or technicians? Do you need to know their real-time location to manage their work effectively? Weladee has a solution for you!

Our standard applications on iOS and Android do not track employee location in the background. Instead, they only record the employee's position when they check in or pin out of a location. This is to respect employee privacy and ensure that their location data is only collected when necessary.

However, we understand that some companies need to know the real-time position of certain employees. To address this need, we have released a special version of Weladee for Android that can track employee location every x minutes. This version is available to our Standard and Enterprise customers.

With this special version of Weladee, you can enjoy almost real-time tracking of your staff's location. This can help you ensure their safety and make more informed decisions about their work. For example, you can reroute technicians to customers based on their location, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

To use continuous location tracking with Weladee, you'll need to follow a two-step setup process. First, your HR Manager will need to activate and set the delay between two tracking locations on the Weladee portal. The minimum delay is one minute.

Then, you'll need to install the special version of the Weladee app on your company's mobile device. This version is not hosted on the Play Store because tracking in the background is not allowed. Instead, you can download it directly from our website at https://download.weladee.com/weladee.apk. Note that Android will inform you that the application doesn't respect privacy and can be a threat to your phone.


  • Almost real-time position of your staff, allowing you to manage their work more effectively and make informed decisions

  • Improved safety of your employees, particularly for those who work in the field or in potentially hazardous environments

  • The ability to reroute technicians to customers based on their location, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction


  • Potential privacy concerns for your staff, particularly if they are not fully informed about the background tracking feature

  • Increased battery drain on the mobile devices that have the app installed

  • Alert messages from Google about the app running location in the background, which can be confusing or concerning for some users





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