Using the Bradford Factor: A Useful Tool for Tracking Employee Absences

Using the Bradford Factor: A Useful Tool for Tracking Employee Absences"

When employees are absent from work, it can have a significant impact on productivity and team morale. That's why at Weladee, we prioritize addressing absenteeism by making a clear distinction between excused and unexcused absences. While sick days and personal days are understandable, habitual unexcused absences can cost businesses billions of baths annually.

To measure absenteeism rates, we use a formula that takes into account the number of unexcused absences over a specific period. Ideally, a company's absenteeism rate should be as close to zero as possible, which is why we focus on creating a workplace culture that promotes well-being and engagement.

By offering unique perks like book clubs and lunchtime speakers, we strive to make our offices a place where employees enjoy being. And when employees do need time away from work, we encourage them to join online classes and clubs to stay connected.

At Weladee, we believe that by prioritizing employee well-being, we can tackle absenteeism and create a more productive and engaged workplace.





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